From a Teacher

I can open up just about any news source and click on yet another manifesto about how teachers are exhausted, schools are failing, or parents don’t parent. But there is no other job I'd rather have than teaching right now. ~ Paul Barnwell~

Do A Little Movement

Instruction: “Now children, let us make a big circle. We are going to follow our leader. Whoever is the leader , must make a movement while we sing this song. And all of us must follow the leader! First, I will be the leader. I will make a movement and all of you must follow me. And after that I will choose one of you to become the leader. And that leader must make his won movement.”

(Appointed leader steps to the front)

Do a little movement 1, 2, 3

Do a little movement 1, 2, 3

Do a little movement 1, 2, 3

Everybody follow me!

(Leader starts to make his movement. Others are following him)

Follow….follow…follow me

Follow….follow…follow me

Follow….follow…follow me

Everybody follow me!

Referensi pelajaran/kegiatan:  *   Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris *   Kegiatan Transisi


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